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How do you know if you’re doing enough to protect and grow your wealth? With Wealthalyze, you can find out in just 10 minutes. Wealthalyze has helped thousands of private investors measure the effectiveness of their wealth strategy, is simple to use, and generates a completely unbiased score that’s easy to understand.

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What is Wealthalyze?
What is wealth management?
Weathalyze is Strategic Wealth Partners’ free online wealth assessment tool. Use it to calculate your financial well-being and get pointers for boosting your wealth. Simply fill out a brief questionnaire and Wealthalyze scores the effectiveness of your wealth management strategy on a scale of one to 100.

Created exclusively by our team of independent advisors, Wealthalyze provides totally unbiased results that you can act on. As an added bonus, Wealthalyze includes a follow-up SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis of your financial situation within two to three business days—so you know exactly where you can make improvements.

If you’re ready to take the next steps in bolstering your finances, whether you’re a wealth management beginner or a seasoned pro, try Wealthalyze for valuable insights to take better control of your financial future.
Wealth management is an custom-tailored advising process that looks at the full picture of your finances and ensures that the complete scope of your objectives are being met. Advisors work one-on-one with clients to align financial and personal goals, touching upon a variety of topics, including portfolio investment and management, tax strategies, estate planning, and charitable giving.

At Strategic Wealth Partners, our wealth management team gets to know you, learns about your values, and creates a personalized financial blueprint. Our conversations cover everything that's important to you and your finances, like whether your investment strategy is maximizing growth and protection, how you plan to pass your assets to your loved ones, how to minimize your taxes, and when you foresee yourself retiring.

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Fill out the Wealthalyze questionnaire and we’ll send a personalized score and SWOT analysis straight to your inbox. There’s no fee or obligation to get the score and analysis.

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I have a current and up-to-date financial plan.
My net worth allows me to accomplish everything I’d like to in my lifetime and beyond.
My financial plan is proactively updated every year.
My financial plan’s success rate exceeds 80%.
Stress tests have been run on my financial plan to ensure that it runs successfully in any and all conditions.
I’m confident that my investment strategy is the best strategy for me.
My portfolio holdings consist of mostly individual stocks and bonds rather than mutual funds.
I pay the minimum amount of tax as required by law.
All of my estate planning documents are up-to-date and reflect my current wishes and net worth status.
I am confident that my net worth will be 100% secure in the event of a lawsuit.
My charitable giving strategy maximizes the benefit to the charity while also maximizing my tax savings.
I understand and utilize risk measurement statistics to measure the effectiveness of my investment strategy.
My investment decisions are ALWAYS based on logic, research, and diligence and I NEVER make an emotional investment decision.
My asset allocation is systematically rebalanced annually without considering the momentum of the stock market prior to executing the rebalance.
My income strategy in retirement will provide me with the greatest after-tax income possible.
I work with a financial advisor who proactively communicates with me and provides me with updated recommendations on a regular basis.
I am confident that my potential long-term care costs will be covered without hurting my estate.
I’m utilizing all available estate planning tools to minimize the amount of potential estate tax.
I work with an intelligent team of professional advisors – CFP® practitioners, CFA charterholders, CPAs, Attorneys, etc.
I feel like a valued client when working with my professional team, not just a number.
I have a plan which tells me in which order to take distributions from my various investment accounts in retirement to maximize my portfolio while minimizing my taxes.
I own enough life insurance and disability insurance to ensure that my family is protected if something were to happen to me.
My investment strategy holds other non-correlated assets beyond just stocks and bonds.
My professional team of advisors has a cohesive and coordinated relationship and works together for my benefit – without me having to act as the middleman.
If I own a business, I know its valuation and have an exit plan in place.
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MEET Nate Fischer

As Chief Investment Strategist at Strategic Wealth Partners, Nate is responsible for the portfolio management of the proprietary equity strategies, as well as coordinating the security analysis process. In addition to individual company, sector, and economic research, he manages custom portfolios for selected clients.

Nate joined the firm in 2019 from a regional bank where he conducted equity research and served as a Portfolio Manager for trust, investment management, and employee benefit accounts. Prior experience includes generalist research responsibilities across a long/short equity strategy at an alternative asset management firm. Earlier in his career, Nate served as a Senior Investment Analyst for an institutional investment consultant where he focused on structuring portfolios with traditional and alternative assets, along with investment manager due diligence.

Mr. Fischer holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®) and Chartered Market Technician (CMT®) designations. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Financial Economics from Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, Minnesota.

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